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HCC- Hispanic Commerce Coalition is a Non for Profit (501.c3) Florida Corporation, headquarter in Miami, Florida. HCC coalition is made up of a unique mixture of businesses across the Western Hemisphere, Domestic & International Economic Development Organizations, Trade Promotional Organization, National and International Chambers of Commerce,  including world-renowned Fortune 500  and International companies.   Dedicated to the promotion in Bilateral Trade across the Western Hemisphere and his supporting partners across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.



—  HCC  mission & vision is to  provide its Affiliated Organizations with expanded opportunities to connect with other business leaders and help promote the their organizations within  different local business communities and the regions.  

—  By:

—  Promoting an Open Advocacy Platform within Local, State, Federal Government in the USA, and Foreign Democratic Countries

—  Facilitating Business to Business Networking  Connections and Gain Visibility

—  Provide Access to Local, National and International Events throughout  its Affiliated Partners 

—  Access to Local and International Bilateral Trade and Investment opportunities in the Western Hemisphere,  Europe/CEE, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

—  Access to Education, Business Technology Resources, and array of Business Development Programs to enable organizations to become financially independent, and help them increase sales, reduce costs, and increase productivity and efficency.



—  HCC  is committed in  providing its affiliated organizations with expanded opportunities to connect with other business leaders and help promote the their organizations within different business communities and the regions. 

—   Promote the development of an increase collaboration and participation of the different LICC-Local & International Chambers of Commerce, EDO-Economic Development Organizations and TPO-Trade Promotional Organizations  within business communities they represent in their respective  Regions.  By becoming a proactive ecosystem of bilateral trade in the Western Hemisphere, Europe,  Africa, Middle East and Asia with the objective to:

—  Expand to new Markets

—  Increase Revenues

—  Reduce Costs

—  Increase Productivity & Efficiency

—  Reduction of Poverty

—  Working in collaboration with our strategic partners:

—  Strategic Partners in Over 25 Country Representatives in the respective regions

—  ATDC-African Trade Development Center

—  Enterprise Florida – EFI

—  US Dept. of Commerce and Commercial Services

—  Federal, State and Local Governments

—  Chambers of Commerce, Trade Promotional Organizations and Economic Development Organizations.

—  Universities

—  By creating a Collaborative Ecosystem of trade and investment focus in the following areas:

       Innovation Technology

       Business Tourism

       Trade and Logistics

       Investment, Financing, and Payments

       Business Education

       Agro Business

       Empowerment of Women In Trade and Technology 




       The right business climate with government & private sector relationships and           support.

       Qualified business partners.

       The “right” technology infrastructure  and Application services .

       Direct market access to the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East,

       Business Development  Opportunities by targeted Industry sectors and targeted        regional opportunities

       Access to Finance and Investments.

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